Oct 2, 2016

Heavy Lifting For The Change You Wish To See

We see the news about shootings taking place in malls and schools. Consider this.
“You have all believed that it is with your hands that you do the work, the heavy lifting that makes the change you wish to see, but that is not so. Vibration does the work much more quickly and to much greater benefit. When you perceive something in the high way and you lift it to its true nature, in fact you are not denying what you see, you are supporting its lifting to the investment of the Divine, where it may live in a high vibration. When you have something low and you lift it high, it is no longer low. That’s a very simple example.” ~ Melchizedek Page 119 of Book of Mastery by Paul Selig Channeling Melchizedek

Something that can go along with this . . .

Are We a Simulation? Elon Musk. Video Might Change Your Mind. New Approach. 2016 No Man's Sky and Max Planck are part of the video.


Oct 1, 2016

Coffee My Way

Let's try coffee my way.  Enjoy.