Oct 2, 2016

Heavy Lifting For The Change You Wish To See

We see the news about shootings taking place in malls and schools. Consider this.
“You have all believed that it is with your hands that you do the work, the heavy lifting that makes the change you wish to see, but that is not so. Vibration does the work much more quickly and to much greater benefit. When you perceive something in the high way and you lift it to its true nature, in fact you are not denying what you see, you are supporting its lifting to the investment of the Divine, where it may live in a high vibration. When you have something low and you lift it high, it is no longer low. That’s a very simple example.” ~ Melchizedek Page 119 of Book of Mastery by Paul Selig Channeling Melchizedek

Something that can go along with this . . .

Are We a Simulation? Elon Musk. Video Might Change Your Mind. New Approach. 2016 No Man's Sky and Max Planck are part of the video.


Oct 1, 2016

Coffee My Way

Let's try coffee my way.  Enjoy.


Jun 20, 2013

How Commercial Fertilizers and Lawn Products Can Inspire a Leap to Aquaponics

This is good information.  Did you ever look at the ingredients list on these fertilizer, weeder or pesticide bags?  Out of this world!  There is a way around this conundrum.

My Patriot Supply Blog | The Survivalist's Guide: How Commercial Fertilizers and Lawn Products Can A...: Growing a healthy garden takes patience, work and lots of care. Oftentimes gardeners use fertilizers and lawn care products in order ...

So, go natural . . with aquaponics and get food to boot.  Your basic aquaponics system has three main components and a fourth, secondary component that helps move the process along. These components are a fish tank, a water tank, a grow bed, and a pump system, respectively.

  • A fish tank is where your fish or other aquatic life will live. Ammonia from the excrement of these marine animals will accumulate in their tank which increases the toxicity of the aquaculture. In order for the marine life to survive, this ammonia-rich water needs to be filtered. 
  • Using a pump system, this water can be sent out to a separate water tank. The tank’s purpose is to distribute your already-fertilized water to the plants in your grow beds, and just like watering any type of plant, you don’t want to overdo it. 
  • With the aid of the pump system, you can regulate flow of this nitrate-rich water into the grow beds where your various fruits or vegetables are planted in soil (or a soil-like substitute) or suspended above shallow pools of water in a frame. The plants will then use this water to feed themselves and, in turn, produce filtered, clean water. The water trickles through the grow beds and back into the water tank where the fish live. Your only added element is a bit of fish food.  
  • Picking the right pump for your system is important. Ultimately, you want to be as energy efficient as possible. Do your research beforehand to find pumps that can run on very little electricity or completely on renewable energy. Your last – and perhaps most important – ingredient is water. A steady pH level in your water is crucial. Too drastic of a change will result in loss of crops and fish.



Dec 2, 2011

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Oct 15, 2011

Dusty Oklahoma Day - Grandpa and Me

 On a bright, dry Oklahoma day a young boy was kicking at clods of dirt to see the clouds of dust transforming into brown and red wind sprites. 

My grandfather, who was standing nearby, DustSpritesmiled and pointed at the jets high overhead, leaving their vapor trail for everyone to see.  He said, " Do you see those jets?  Their pilots have air masks to breath, yes?! Well, what do you think happens to their air when you send that dust up?" Visualizing the pilot coughing, I stopped. 

Twenty years later,

on foreign soil, I remembered that dusty Oklahoma day as another dust sprite was launched by my stride. Recalling the wisdom of my grandfather,  my boots met the ground . . . like old friends.
. . . for a dusty moment I thought I could see my grandfather smiling back at me. . .  . and I smiled back.


Note:  My mom’s birthday was a few days ago. Her dad is a great inspiration to me. Happy Birthday Mom.
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