Nov 22, 2009

My Higgs Field Bosons and Gromely Quantum Cloud XX

Recently, I had the privilege to enjoy the Dallas Nasher Art Exhibition with my
mother and sisters. Thanks Debra for suggesting we go visit the Nasher Exhibit.
There was an exhibit which pressed on me. . .
  Antony Gromely's 'Quantum Cloud XX'.  
With all the activity taking place around the CERN this November 2009,
in France, I looked around and found 'Higgs Field Bosons'  while watching the video below.
The Bosons immediately reminded me of my encounter with the 'Quantum Cloud XX' of Gromely.

Prediction: The appearance of the Higgs Field/Bosons is a response to Will (Intellect and Emotion united). 
Related to: Law of Attraction, mind over matter, cause and effect, Intelligent Design, Creation, Creator, faith healing, invention, desire, energy, mass