Nov 9, 2006

Serious gaming may change the face of education

The line between entertainment and education gets blurrier all the time. That was clearly the case during the two-day Serious Games Summit in Arlington, Va., which featured video games on subjects such as gerrymandering, medical education and military operations, reports USA Today.

"You read about science in a book and it is boring, but if you do something scientific in a game, it can be fun," says Ben Sawyer, co-director of the Serious Games Initiative (, which held its first summit two years ago.

3-D games are being developed not just for home use but for academia and business, as well. For example, the Redistricting Game, being developed at USC's Annenberg Center for Communications, deals with the repercussions of tinkering with political boundaries. There is a "Virtual Astronaut" game that allows up to 32 players to cooperate on space missions, and the HumanSim game, which tests medical diagnostic skills >>>> read on

This is good news.  Religious, home-schooling educators as well as honest, entrepreneurs should go forward with this ASAP.  History, chemistry, biology, et al are ripe with opportunities.  There are many desperate parents out here who want to give a better education to their children and this media can help.  Let the games begin.
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