Oct 30, 2006

Scientists say video games can reshape education

Hat tip: Seattle Times Ben Feller AP 10/30/06

. . . Unlike humans, the games never lose patience. And they are second nature to many kids.

The idea might stun those who consider games to be the symbol of teenage sloth.

Yet this is not about virtual football or skateboarding. Games would have to be created and evaluated with the goal of raising achievement, said federation president Henry Kelly.

There's already an audience: More than 45 million homes have video-game consoles.

"If we can't make the connection, shame on us," Kelly said at a news conference. . .

. . . Doug Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, said there will soon be 75 million Americans who are 10 to 30 years old — an age bracket that grew up on video games.

"Common sense tells us that a medium so basic to the lives of these 'millennials' has potential beyond the living room," Lowenstein said. "We would be crazy not to seek ways to exploit interactive games to teach our children."

 PREDICTION 1: Education is coming soon to a video-gamer near you. I have often talked with my son, an avid video-gamer, about the missing link in video gaming.  Imagine, history, biology, chemistry, the classics and Math via video-gaming.  One major problem. Purpose, perspective and value of the information is determined by the motivation of those designing the educational game.  In short, whoever controls the culture. 

The advent of video-gaming/ed can give parents more influence in the education of their children as the dynamics of the market place holds sway over the political chicanery of ACLU, NEA, et al


PREDICTION 2: ACLU AND NEA et al will try to block video-game/ed  making only certain "certified" education programs available, diverting parental influence from showing up in the market place. 

(note well:   FAS Henry Kelly's words, " . . . games will have to be evaluated . . . "  This effort will fail because the market place will do the evaluation for them.  Henry Kelly is more revealing about his attitudes towards science, standards, ideology and government's role at this site 


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Oct 5, 2006

Living for Others: Oldest of the Amish Students "Kill me, let the others go."

 If there are tears in your eyes too . . . let's change what is happening in America by becoming good, families where children learn true love.  True love like this oldest of the Amish students who said, "Kill me, let the others go".

I was listening to Bill Bennet's Morning in America this morning when I hear this. 

My prayer is that America reclaims is connection with the creator for the sake of other.  Let's start with our daily lives and our families.  

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