Nov 9, 2006

Serious gaming may change the face of education

The line between entertainment and education gets blurrier all the time. That was clearly the case during the two-day Serious Games Summit in Arlington, Va., which featured video games on subjects such as gerrymandering, medical education and military operations, reports USA Today.

"You read about science in a book and it is boring, but if you do something scientific in a game, it can be fun," says Ben Sawyer, co-director of the Serious Games Initiative (, which held its first summit two years ago.

3-D games are being developed not just for home use but for academia and business, as well. For example, the Redistricting Game, being developed at USC's Annenberg Center for Communications, deals with the repercussions of tinkering with political boundaries. There is a "Virtual Astronaut" game that allows up to 32 players to cooperate on space missions, and the HumanSim game, which tests medical diagnostic skills >>>> read on

This is good news.  Religious, home-schooling educators as well as honest, entrepreneurs should go forward with this ASAP.  History, chemistry, biology, et al are ripe with opportunities.  There are many desperate parents out here who want to give a better education to their children and this media can help.  Let the games begin.
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Oct 30, 2006

Scientists say video games can reshape education

Hat tip: Seattle Times Ben Feller AP 10/30/06

. . . Unlike humans, the games never lose patience. And they are second nature to many kids.

The idea might stun those who consider games to be the symbol of teenage sloth.

Yet this is not about virtual football or skateboarding. Games would have to be created and evaluated with the goal of raising achievement, said federation president Henry Kelly.

There's already an audience: More than 45 million homes have video-game consoles.

"If we can't make the connection, shame on us," Kelly said at a news conference. . .

. . . Doug Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, said there will soon be 75 million Americans who are 10 to 30 years old — an age bracket that grew up on video games.

"Common sense tells us that a medium so basic to the lives of these 'millennials' has potential beyond the living room," Lowenstein said. "We would be crazy not to seek ways to exploit interactive games to teach our children."

 PREDICTION 1: Education is coming soon to a video-gamer near you. I have often talked with my son, an avid video-gamer, about the missing link in video gaming.  Imagine, history, biology, chemistry, the classics and Math via video-gaming.  One major problem. Purpose, perspective and value of the information is determined by the motivation of those designing the educational game.  In short, whoever controls the culture. 

The advent of video-gaming/ed can give parents more influence in the education of their children as the dynamics of the market place holds sway over the political chicanery of ACLU, NEA, et al


PREDICTION 2: ACLU AND NEA et al will try to block video-game/ed  making only certain "certified" education programs available, diverting parental influence from showing up in the market place. 

(note well:   FAS Henry Kelly's words, " . . . games will have to be evaluated . . . "  This effort will fail because the market place will do the evaluation for them.  Henry Kelly is more revealing about his attitudes towards science, standards, ideology and government's role at this site 


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Oct 5, 2006

Living for Others: Oldest of the Amish Students "Kill me, let the others go."

 If there are tears in your eyes too . . . let's change what is happening in America by becoming good, families where children learn true love.  True love like this oldest of the Amish students who said, "Kill me, let the others go".

I was listening to Bill Bennet's Morning in America this morning when I hear this. 

My prayer is that America reclaims is connection with the creator for the sake of other.  Let's start with our daily lives and our families.  

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Sep 19, 2006

Nun to Somalia Killers "I forgive, I forgive"

Hat tip to: AP Las Vegas Sun Anthony Mitchell

September 18, 2006

Colleagues: Nun Forgave Somalia Killers

A powerful, radical Islamic group, which is accused of having ties to al-Qaida, has all but wrested control from the weak and factional Somali government. With it has come a hard-line Taliban-style rule complete with public floggings and executions. Its leaders have pledged to wage holy war against an African peacekeeping force that is supposed to arrive early next month to help stabilize the country. By ANTHONY MITCHELL

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -

A nun shot four times at the Somali hospital where she worked forgave her killers as she lay dying, colleagues said Monday in the wake of her slaying, which has focused attention on Islamic radicalism in the Horn of Africa.

Sister Leonella, 65, muttered the words "I forgive, I forgive" in Italian after being shot by gunmen Sunday, the Rev. Maloba Wesonga told The Associated Press at a memorial Mass for the nun in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Her killing was not a random attack and could have been sparked by remarks by Pope Benedict XVI about Muslims that have sparked angry reaction from Muslims around the world, said Willy Huber, regional head of the Austrian-funded hospital where Sister Leonella worked.

Sister Leonella, whose birth name was Rosa Sgorbati, had lived and worked in Kenya and Somalia for 38 years, her family said.

In recent months, the Islamic group has extended its control over much of southern Somalia, challenging the weak, U.N.-backed government that hasn't been able to exert any power outside Baidoa.

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Aug 11, 2006

Day at the Beach by Masataka Kagawa

Day At The Beach  - M Kagawa 2006

Masataka Kagawa did this water color while with us and our friends from Ichi Restaurant during the 4th of July beach bash near FIU campus North Miami Beach, FL July/4/2006.

Jun 12, 2006

Dr. 'Doom' Pianka

Dr. Ebola-Doom  Pianka is a  disturbing manifestation our education system.  I say "system" because many applauded his ridiculous conservationist-90% death of all humans ranting.  This link has some of his actual words so this is not just a bunch of over-reacting earth killers. 

Makes you all warm and fuzzy over higher education in America.

Transcript From the Speech That Started It AllDr. "Doom" Pianka Speaks  

By J. Richard Pearcey

News of Dr. Pianka's views broke when scientist and author Forrest Mims published a March 31 article in The Citizen Scientist.  In that article Mims said, "I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to a speech that enthusiastically advocated the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population by airborne Ebola." 

News of Dr. Pianka's views broke when scientist and author Forrest Mims published a March 31 article in The Citizen Scientist.  In that article Mims said, "I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to a speech that enthusiastically advocated the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population by airborne Ebola."

The rebuttal coming from the Texas academy of Sciences to the publicity surrounding Dr. Pianka's statements.

Academy of Science responds to critics

Published April 5, 2006AUSTIN — The Texas Academy
But to the academy, the message behind Pianka’s presentation is inconsequential. President David Marsh said the organization selects the DTS honoree based solely upon the individual’s credentials and contributions to science. He said TAS places no constraints on its speakers, nor will it ever.
“Whether or not we as a body agree with the statements that Dr. Pianka made in his presentation is irrelevant,” he said. “We are an academy of individuals, and as such, each is free to make his or her alignments.”

Great,  any professor who wished to speak about offering alternative views to the origin of life is free to make his or her own alignments.  I'LL BET!  What do you think?Tags: , , , , , , ,
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