Dec 30, 2008

Intelligence Expelled

The controversy over intelligent design receiv...

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In the middle of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," Ben Stein's movie about the assault on Intelligent Design by the intellectual "gatekeepers" in the nation, a prominent evolutionist tries to explain just how mud might have turned into the first cell.

"One popular theory is that it might have started on the back of crystals," says Michael Ruse.

I laughed out loud, but Stein, unflappable, keeps a poker face.

"I don't get," he deadpans, "how you get from mud to a living organism."

"I've already told you," Ruse continues, apparently unaware of just how silly he sounds.

Such is one of the telling moments in the movie, which came out last year, and is now available in video stores.

As the second half of the school year is starting across New Jersey and the nation, it is worth visiting this movie just to see one perspective on how the battle of evolution versus intelligent design is being waged.

(It also serves as a lead-in to some of the fun we're going to have on this blog debating that issue.)

Ben Stein makes three telling points:

George Berkin has done a great job on his blog Intelligent Design.  Click below to read the rest of this excellent post


Ben Stein Movie: "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" - NJVoices: George Berkin

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