Oct 5, 2006

Living for Others: Oldest of the Amish Students "Kill me, let the others go."

 If there are tears in your eyes too . . . let's change what is happening in America by becoming good, families where children learn true love.  True love like this oldest of the Amish students who said, "Kill me, let the others go".

I was listening to Bill Bennet's Morning in America this morning when I hear this. 

My prayer is that America reclaims is connection with the creator for the sake of other.  Let's start with our daily lives and our families.  

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CenterMan said...

The Amish community are teaching us a great lesson, and I would like to think that a few of us are listening.

In this world where retribution and revenge are so accepted, the example of a community who embraces the killer's family as another victim, and who chooses pure grief over the cheap grief of blame and retribution is one that we can learn from I think.

In Colorado, after the Columbine attacks, the families of the killers were derided and scorned - what would have happened if they would have been viewed with love instead.

Can you imagine how different the world would look today if we took the approach that the Amish take when people do bad things to us? I can only vaguely imagine...

No love greater...


Neil H.